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Zone of Genius

Where Opportunity Meets The Best



Your current role or opportunity not quite cutting it and you know that there's something better, that gives you more fulfilment and purpose, that is meant for you but you're not sure what it is yet.

That next big idea could be totally new to what you're doing now or a step further.

This program is designed to help you clear the thoughts and challenges that are in the way of you designing and implementing that next big idea, whichever route you may take.

What You Get:
Six coaching sessions (1-1) over zoom -worth USD$4800


Two coaching sessions (1-1) over zoom $1600

Mini SWOT - Website Analysis (Three Competitors) using our Signature Marketing Blueprint - worth $2500

Total Worth: $8900

Imelda R. (Singapore)

3% Better

It was an intense journey of self-discovery I never thought i needed in the beginning. Jenny brought out my long forgotten and deepest emotions to heal. I began to see the many possibilities I am capable of and the love I can give to myself. It was truly a much needed guidance to be a better version of myself.

Diana T. (USA) 

What I've learnt in working with Jenny is what all senior managers need. Profound! Within weeks of working with her, I could see the effects on my direct team and organisation despite all of us working remotely through Covid.  She helped me most in building our new team culture as we made that transition. Her tremendous compassion is inspirational.

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