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365% Better #Celebrate

In September 2020, I launched Daily 1% Better as a 30-day challenge on Facebook. Free to anyone who wanted to experience more confidence, compassion and love for self. I made the math practical: 1% a day gets us to 365% Better (at the very least).

There were 40 who signed up and by the time we ended, 8 remained. In the process of running the challenge, they said goodby to zero days. You know those days when you don't have the energy, motivation or mojo to move. Where sometimes, the best thing you can do is stay still and hope for this thing - whatever it is - to wash over. "This too shall pass" days.

For those EIGHT, the program was a great hit and till today, they practice what they have learned. The popular techniques include:

  • writing in their Daily 1% Better and setting aside time on a Friday to review their key moments from the week

  • using the process called, A-BIT, to bring them to a state of calm when sensing that they are about to lose control over their emotions. Despair, anxiety, stress, worry, anger, overwhelm, grief, numb, sadness and their close cousins.

  • identifying their CHOICE: Starting each day with the intention of what they are inviting into their lives.

  • safety mantra (taught to me by one of my spiritual coaches) "I am safe in my body".

I still employ the techniques in my life. Sometimes, I too need a reminder. It helps that I can revisit the guides that are loaded onto our Facebook Group.

Don't just take my word for it!

What I'm most proud of is the group that we have. They are all champions of champions who rock up to shower heaps of LUCK on our members.

LUCK being



Compassion &


I'm always LUCKY!

As I write this, I am overwhelmed with a sense of pride for what I've created coupled with deep awe for what has transpired as a result of the work.

Today, we have 39 members in the group including 4 other Experts (coaches, healers and spiritual connectors). The work isn't done.

My intention for this group is to head on to meet the rising demand for mental health & wellness especially given the fallout from all the things we needed to keep people safe and alive. We are only just starting to see the tip of the iceberg on social costs.

One of the ways to provide support in this area to do is through a podcast, Daily 1% Better where I will share messages of hope, faith, healing, awareness, inspiration, growth & possibilities. Think Chicken Soup of Soul - and how their pages were held by almost everyone you knew back in the 90s. More details to follow.

Another is by leveraging more experts and their expertise. Create this greater nexus of human and spiritual consciousness that radiates & permeates in places where we need to shine our light brightly so that others too know that they can shine theirs and do so, without judgement, shame or blame. ONLY LUCK!

Meanwhile, #celebrate with us as we mark our first run around the Sun! And amp up for another 365% Better. Join us in our celebrations!

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