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JTV Latest, 11th Feb 2022

Here's the first update of
"JTV Latest",
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Key insights relevant to business owners.

Hear the latest developments, opportunities & news from Metaverse, Crypto, Blockchain & NFTs and the ever-evolving digital world.

Why JTV? It's her initials.


Capterra polled 1,000 in Canada (population: 36.9m)

* Nearly 30% are cryptocurrency investors; 81% in Bitcon.

* 64% said that they prefer to get paid in cryptocurrency within the next 5 years.

* 25% said they are intending to invest in cryptocurrency.

(data from Sep-Oct 2021, see sources)

In Australia, is paying its employees in crypto and New Zealand has followed suit.

Consider this:

Run a poll on your workforce and vendors, how many of them would be open to receiving payments in crypto?

Hop onto this webinar on 7th Mar as we unpack the potential of NFTs in your business. Click this link for details


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