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Edge NFT: Stock Options & Their Utilities (Smart Contracts)

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

What Are My Predictions? 1) My prediction is companies will start offering a new category of NFTs (Edge NFTs) as stock options given the advances we have in crypto trading platforms and smart contracts. They will also offer that to their employees.

2) There will two sub-classes of stocks that companies will choose from: i) one tied to the company's performance (quarterly, annual financial returns) which provides dividends similar to what we have now plus a minted NFT that gives the owner perks and special access in the physical, digital and metaverse worlds.

ii) same as the above with a caveat tied to corporate responsibility (climate change, discrimination, supply chain slavery & etc). Meaning they run a clean house. This will be the push from Millenials and Gen Z'ers who are already their investors & vocally public auditors.

Interesting to watch:

The first few companies to adopt this will be those in real estate asset management, services & hospitality as they have a comparatively strong utility for the tokens.

Time Frames:

1 & 2(i): 2-3 years

2(ii): 3-5 years

Results of a small poll that I ran a few weeks' ago:

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